Hi beautiful!

I’m Lisa

Former restricted eater turned intuitive eating nutritionist & stress coach. Here to help you break up with diet culture for good, because you deserve peace with your body, eating and food

My story

Finding out I was suffering from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea was the wake-up call I needed to take better care of my wellbeing. 

My relationship with diet culture started at a young age. Through different diets I’ve tried to change my body because that’s what we’ve learned we should do, right? In 2017, at the age of 27, I hired an online fitness coach because I wanted to see how fit I could get. I lost a lot of weight (which I didn’t need to) and I got the abs I’d wanted and that made me excited. I stopped working with him after a year because I wanted to save the money for traveling and moving, but I kept undereating because I was afraid to gain weight. I thought it worked well for me but in reality it didn’t. Flash forward to patterns of disordered eating, struggling with body dismorphia, poor sleep, dizziness, low energy, osteopenia (low bone density) and hypothalamic amenorrhea (no periods). After 4+ years of sabotaging my health, I decided this was not a sustainable way to live. I then started my journey to healing and reparing my relationship with food and I’ve finally found food freedom. Now I’m using my own personal experience and expertise as an Intuitive Eating Nutritionist and Stress Coach to help women do the same: To break free from diet culture, make peace with your body, to gain self-confidence, and to enjoy and feel comfortable around eating and exercising. My struggles has made me very passionate about my work and to grow as a nutritionist and coach. I don’t want for anyone to struggle as much as I did or do it alone. I’m here for you on your journey!


My Mission

To help women break free from diet culture and find food freedom

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